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Projects of country houses, bath houses, wooden houses from a round-timber turnkey

The construction of any building always begins with a project. At the same time, wooden houses have their own characteristics, for example, such as the reaction of wood to mechanical influences, weather and climatic factors. Projects of wooden houses from the timber contain all the necessary information, and without such a project it is possible to allow a number of gross errors in the construction, which will certainly affect later. Creating the same detailed architectural project will not only help to avoid shortcomings, but also save a significant amount of forces, time and money in the further stages of construction.

Individual project

Individual designs of houses from a log assume design from scratch, focusing only on the wishes of the client and the features of the land. We create unique projects of wooden houses, bath houses and any living quarters, taking into account your tastes, wishes, features of the environment and landscape, with observance of all the subtleties of building of buildings from the timber.

By receiving an individual project, you also receive:

    Graphical representation of the future structure;
Estimate and approximate calculation of the total cost of construction;
Detailed information on further construction;
Full package of project documentation.

Ready project

The company "Wooden Houses" for more than 15 years is engaged in the design of houses, bathhouses, cottages of timber in Krasnoyarsk. Projects on which buildings have already been successfully built constitute a huge base, which includes projects of country houses, house designs from round logs, turn-key bath projects and much more. You can buy from us one of their ready projects, if you want, ordering a redevelopment. We will re-design the project chosen by you taking into account your wishes and with observance of all building norms. Choosing a ready project will save you money and time.

The prices for house projects from the timber, whether it is a ready project or the creation of an individual plan, vary depending on the area of ​​the future building. More detailed information you can find out personally by contacting our administrators or by calling the phone number indicated at the top of the page. The exact price of your project will be known after clarifying all details by the architect.

Why us?

"Wooden houses" is a company that has been in the vanguard of Krasnoyarsk companies for many years, where you can order the design of a house from round logs.

    We with the big responsibility approach to each stage of creation of the house. The best architects and designers work on the projects, highly professional masters are engaged in wood processing, the construction is carried out by specially trained employees;
We ourselves are engaged in the production and procurement of building materials, which allows us to track the quality of each log until the completion of construction, as well as fully control the timing of the execution of orders.

We know what a house should be in which you will feel comfortable.


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We will help to build the house of your dreams

1 Material selection

Choose the material of your future home

2 Project selection

Choose the project of your future home

3 Manufacture of a house

Watch the production of your future home

4 Installation and finishing

Stage of erection of your house in the smallest details


Our company has been working on the market of wooden housing construction for more than 15 years. During this time, we have developed, produced and built a number of projects of wooden houses from round logs and profiled beams. Our works you can see on our website. We are waiting for you and your calls !!!

Overview Ready-made projects

  • Tradition Apr 28, 2015

    Project cipher: 1_77_1
    The total area of 218.6 m2
    Dimensions of the house 13х11 m
    Pine D300 mm, 150.6 m3
    The cost of the project 44 000 rub

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  • Homestead Apr 28, 2015

    Project cipher: 1_89_1
    The total area of 149.2 m2
    The house dimensions are 13x9,4 m
    Pine D260 mm, 98.3 m3
    The cost of the project 30 000 rub

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  • Sauna with terrace Apr 28, 2015

    Project cipher: 2_49_1
    The total area of 82.4 m2
    The size of the house is 10,3x8
    Pine D220 mm, 23.6 m3
    The project cost is 14 000 rub.

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  • Alcove Apr 28, 2015

    Project cipher: 3_6_1
    The total area of 11.2 m2
    Dimensions of the house 2,5х3,5м
    Pine D240 mm, 5.56 m3
    The cost of the project 4 000r.

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News Our company

  • news
Our company developed a new project "Manor" To make the most effective use of the useful area of ​​the house, for you we have created a new project at home with an attic. An attic space, often

Promotions !!!

1) When ordering a house from dry material, the discount for raw material drying services is 500 rubles per m3. The promotion is valid until November 1, 2017.
2) The departure of our specialist to the site is free of charge.


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